Xavien Howard

It’s all about the X…. One of the NFL’s elite cornerbacks, a man that’s shutting down your favorite wideout week in and week out, Xavien Howard, joins this week’s episode of Truss Levelz. Mark and Cam sit down with the three-time Pro Bowler and Miami Dolphins cornerback as they dive into his journey from QB to a CB, his decision to go to Baylor over other top schools, and how having to cover Tyreek Hill in practice has helped him and his game this season. Tune in! 

Episode Highlights

  1. His wild ride to becoming a cornerback
  2. Having a standout senior year and the decision to go to Baylor
  3. His transition to the NFL after college
  4. Going through numerous knee surgeries
  5. The Dolphins signing Tyreek Hill and his impact on X

About Our Hosts:

NFL superstars Cam Jordan and Mark Ingram are Saints teammates and real-life friends whose personalities, minds and hearts are as big as their on-field talents. Brimming with an infectious energy, these two powerhouses have joined forces to bring you Truss Levelz, a podcast on which the best and brightest in the NFL share stories that go beyond the X’s and O’s, while also spreading good vibes far and wide. On its surface, football is a game of combat played by athletes at their peak. The game is the definition of “rough and tumble” and it isn’t for the faint of heart. But there’s so much more to the gridiron warriors than what we see on the field. Prepare yourself for the ultimate inside look into the world of football. There’s levels to this game…. Truss.

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