Cleveland Browns v Chicago Bears

My Greatest Loss

I’m not the man Ashley married. I’m a much better version of that man — one I wish she was here to see.


Goodbye, Tennessee

We were surrounded by 90,000 Georgia fans, but the only sound in the stadium was of Vols fans singing “Rocky Top.”

AFC Championship - Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots

"Is This Real Life?"

First of all, if you’re waiting for a text or a call back from me, it’s coming. I promise. Things have just been a little crazy since last weekend’s AFC championship game.


Gallery: Michigan Football Signing Day

The Players’ Tribune and the University of Michigan hosted the second annual Signing of the Stars on Wednesday, February 1st. Check out some of our best photos from the festivities.



It seems like Atlanta — as a team, as a city, as a culture — is finally coming full circle. And in my own small way, I hope I am too.


Ready to Roll

I’ve been looking forward to getting to a college campus for a looooong time — probably since I got that scholarship offer way back in eighth grade.


For Coach Lynch, The Man Who Changed My Life

I grew up in District Heights, Maryland. It was a rough area outside Washington, D.C., home to a lot of drugs and gang violence. It was the type of place where, even in middle school, kids kept guns in their…


More Than a One-Hit Wonder

I’ve spent my entire career preparing myself for the opportunity that the Bills gave me this season, and I took advantage. Now, I have a new challenge to prepare for: To prove that I’m not just a one-hit wonder.


What You Don’t Know About: Returning Kicks

I’m always gonna go out there and bust my tail on a kick return, especially if, for whatever reason, I’m not catching many passes. If I make a play, it’s probably going to be a touchdown.


Players’ Tribune Oral History Series

This is Giant Steps, the first oral history podcast offering from The Players’ Tribune. Giant Steps goes behind the scenes to get the inside scoop on how two men transformed a group of talented individuals into a team of champions.


Goodbye, Aggieland

What makes being an Aggie so meaningful isn't something that can be seen or touched. It’s deeper than that.


What You Don’t Know About: Being a Punter

It’s not like I just show up on Sunday like, “Hey, guys. How was your week? I’m here to punt now….” There’s much more to it than that.