Thank You, Alabama

New Jersey is home. It always will be. But Bama, that’s family.

What I’ve Lost and What I’ve Gained

One weekend last April, I went on a trip with some friends. I had been an NFL wide receiver. I'd made my career by catching the ball. A few days later, my left hand had been amputated.

Out of Context: Season In Review

It's the end of the year and we've done a lot. Let's relive some of the most fun moments from this year. I'll even hand out some end-of-season superlatives to my teammates.

Dig if You Will My Pictures

When I asked The Players’ Tribune if I could be a guest photographer on the sidelines of Super Bowl LII, I knew there was a chance I’d get to see the Eagles win their first Super Bowl. In my lifetime,…

My Craziest Super Bowl Week

It's Super Bowl week — a big week for these teams. I know, because I've had a couple of Super Bowl weeks myself. And the craziest was when my son was almost born.

How to Beat the Patriots

Getting to Tom Brady is like trying to beat King Koopa in the final stage on Super Mario Bros. Sometimes it feels impossible ... but it can happen. Mario can get it done.

Bills Mafia: We’re Gonna Need More of This

Look, I spent six years in Philly. And for the longest time, I thought there was nothing like Eagles fans ... until I got to Buffalo.

To Buffalo

I want to start with an apology. To the city of Buffalo. We got off on the wrong foot, didn’t we?

Bottom Feeder

Yes, Volunteer Nation. It’s me, Albert Haynesworth. And before the long, dark off-season winter sets in and completely sours you on all things football for another year, I’m here to tell you that everything’s going to be O.K. That’s right.…

Reliving “The Tip”

I'm gonna take you back to January 14, 2014 ... NFC championship game ... Seahawks vs. 49ers ... THE TIP. A great moment in sports history. Watch here for my perspective on how it went down.

We the Dogs

When Lane Johnson has that look on his face, you know something’s up. That mischievous vibe. I see it all the time, man.

We Can Beat Anybody. Anybody.

We know there are a lot of doubters, but I don’t think we’d have it any other way.