Feeling Good Again

As long as I have world-class basketball left in me, I want to be playing it in the league that inspired me to be a world-class basketball player to begin with.

Dear Brian and Cyan

In response to P&G’s Love, Mom series, Cynthia Cooper has a message for her kids Brian and Cyan, reminding them that love over bias always wins. 

Sixteen Years, Nine Teams, One Love

There wasn’t a party waiting for me in Miami when I got to the gym on the first day. It wasn’t clubbin’ on South Beach with cigars and all that. It was, “Your locker is over there. If you arrive…

Dig if You Will My Pictures

When I asked The Players’ Tribune if I could be a guest photographer on the sidelines of Super Bowl LII, I knew there was a chance I’d get to see the Eagles win their first Super Bowl. In my lifetime,…

Milwaukee, Let’s Ride

Right now I just want to take a second to say what’s up and tell you what’s on my mind. I’m not about to rattle off some kind of boring rehab diary. But I do want to say something, to…

Chapter 7: Emerge

In Chapter 7, Isaiah reflects on the past two months acclimating to life in Cleveland: taking his kids to a new school, finding a house, starting injury rehab and, finally, returning to the game he loves. His transition hasn't come…

9 Reasons to End the War on Marijuana

I remember the first time my grandma tried cannabis. She was 80 years old at the time. I just about fell out of my chair.

7 Questions with David Brown

Dallas has been one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. But it's still got this wound in its history that it continues to struggle with.

The Five Best European Players I’ve Ever Faced

I've been in the NBA 10 years now, which is unbelievable. To celebrate, here are the best European players I've ever faced.

Jahlil Okafor Should Be On Your Radar RIGHT NOW!!!

And as for this season, what can I say? In a word … (well, in a few words, but go ahead and pick any one) … it’s been uncomfortable. It’s been frustrating. It’s been confusing, emotional, complicated.

Letter to My Younger Self

The thing about Chicago basketball is, it’s not even a sport. I mean, it is, but not like that. It’s more like a fight.

Chapter 6: Limbo

In Chapter 6, Isaiah dives deeper into the complexity of his trade, driven largely by his injury. He finds himself at the center of the national sports conversation, and explores how the business of basketball affects his transition to Cleveland.